*Are you consistently tired and depleted of energy?

*Are you constantly coming down with every bug or germ that comes your way?

*Do gut and tummy troubles have you feeling frustrated and confused?

Want to know how to lessen unwanted pain through diet and lifestyle?

*Tired of using "baby weight" as an excuse when your child is already a teenager and those pounds just won't go away?

*Do you have a lack of inspiration when it comes to cooking healthy meals for your family?

Is your kid a picky eater?

Do you need help customizing healthy meal ideas for your family?

Is lack of sleep starting to affect you energy or your mood?

*Have you been waiting for a good time to start a new healthy living regimen, but the right "time" never seems to come?

Would you like to move more or build more exercise or activity into your lifestyle?

*Do you need someone to "hold your hand" and show you the way?

*The biggest names in sports, music, art, health, education, business and more all have coaches.

Why shouldn't you too?

As your holistic eating and healthy living expert, I will help you get closer to the health and wellness goals that you've always wanted, but fell short.

I will guide you in setting goals and sustainable changes for a plan that works for you.


Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa!

A holistic health coach. I have a doctorate degree in pharmacy and a holistic approach to health and wellness. I teach people like you how to use food vs pharmaceuticals as a first-line approach to health and wellness.

True health is often achieved through how you live and how you eat and not by how many prescriptions you take.

Not only that, but it may surprise you to know that all parts of your body and areas of your life are interconnected.

As we work together, I will peel back the layers on what's ailing and robbing you of TRUE health and well-being.

With your help, we can reach your goals of energy, vitality, wellness and weight loss without counting calories, carbs or fats.

I am an expert in the gluten free, grain-free, and non-inflammatory lifestyles.

So, if you're ready to peel back the layers and get to the core of what's ailing you, I can help. It's not magic though. Hard works reaps rewards!

Ideas for your coaching sessions include:

  • Staying healthy during quarantine
  • Improving immunity
  • Gluten-free lifestyle transitioning/coaching
  • Weight loss support
  • Sleep hygiene support
  • Food diary assessment
  • Grain-free lifestyle coaching
  • Healthy meal ideas brainstorming session
  • Optimal health and wellness
  • Meal planning
  • Gut health tips
  • Self care coaching

How does this work?

  • Book your initial consultation (plan for 30 minutes).
  • Select the coaching plan that works for you. I am offering 1 or 3 month sessions at this time.
  • Coaching sessions include two 50-minute sessions a month. We will discuss your progress, explore further recommendations and there will be a follow up via email.
  • You'll also get access to recommended recipes, videos and valuable resources between sessions!

This is for people that:

  • Are open to coaching and instruction
  • Willing to invest in themselves
  • Are ready to move past the excuses
  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired

This is not for people that:

X Are looking for a magic pill.

X Are "too busy" for application.

X Know all there is to know.

X Want "change" without change.

Book Your 30- minute Initial Consultation. (Now $49)

Only 8 Spots!!!

In this 30-minute initial consultation call, we will:

  • Identify and discuss your key health & wellness goals.
  • Discuss your personal health and wellness history to understand where you are and what direction we should go.

Dr. Lisa Holistic Eating & Healthy Living Expert  

Let's Get Started!

More About Dr. Lisa


Lisa's Clinical and practical expertise on everything from yummy and healthy eating to meal planning and work life balance have been a perpetual source of knowledge and fun. I appreciate how she takes time to respond to questions with sound advice personally tailored for me and my family. Moreover, I truly admire how she does it with style, flair and fun even in the midst of her life as an busy entrepreneur, dedicated wife and homeschooling mom. I wouldn't want to live life without the Domestic Life Stylist!

-Rachel D. Yankey, MD (Family Doctor)

"With much passion and determination, Dr. Lisa shares valuable information about so many reliable aspects of health."

-Moira Ballard (Homeschooling Mom of Four)

You're a genius! I feel asleep really quickly. Slept for nine hours and today I have so much energy. Thank you! -

Marie O' Donohue- (Founder of Authors Media)

"I tried and enjoyed Lisa's recipes and changed my eating style to a more healthy one. I can't wait to try more!"

-G. Williams (Entrepreneur)

"Thank you for your bone broth recipe! I made a big batch so I have more after the surgery. I also made your chia seed pudding with coconut milk and your crockpot applesauce. Thank you for being my inspiration and guide to a healthier life!"

-Claudia Powell (Director of Guest Experience & Concierge)

Steps to Schedule Your Coaching Consult

1. Click the link below to pay and reserve your seat. ($49)

2. You will then fill out a client agreement, intake form & client goal sheet (will be sent within 24 hours once payment is received). Must be filled out and emailed back prior to first call. 

3. You will receive a link to schedule your call upon completion of steps 1 and 2.

4. Show up to your scheduled call on time. 


Got questions? I have answers. Email your questions to Lisa@theDomesticLifeStylist.com